Staying Local

A 40 minutes brisk walk from home and the rolling, snow covered fields provide a beautiful subject to photograph. The wide scale is emphasised by the snow and the indistinct line between the ground and the sky is intriguing.

Camera work: Canon 5Dmk4, Lens: 70-200 f2.8L, 1/125, f/9, ISO 800 (handheld).

Olive Trees and Grass, Umbria.

Olive Trees and Grass, Umbria.

Olive Trees and Grass, Umbria.

Conditions: Early evening, light breeze moving the white grass around. Light filtering through olive trees.

Tech:Canon 5Dmk3, 30 secs @f/11, ISO 200. No filters, 70mm focal length.

The light on the grass was beautiful if a bit hard to keep from over exposing.