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  1. Hi Omer, your photos are really stunning. They had a lot of success. Thank you so so so much. I’ve visited your website. WOW, what an amazing work. It’s wonderful to have such a passion beside your job as a Doctor. Thank you again Omer. I’ll send you the website link so you can see your pictures in place. Have a great family holiday in Spain. Lalao

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    • Thanks Lalao. You are very kind! I had never tried this type of photography before and it was more straight forward than I thought. The light was very good to us don’t you think? Thanks to Perle and Ludovic also for helping with the reflectors. I do hope you have enough material for your website so let me have a look when it’s done. I think you will be/are already a superb mentor so let’s hope it goes from strength to strength. All best, Omer.


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