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SLPOTY exhibition starting at Castle Stalker View. Already up and going. Please see the  SLPOTY website for further venues in the tour.

GDPU exhibition at The Peoples Palace, Glasgow Green. Also in progress.

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Isle of Harris Beach Scene

The scourge of digital photography is the “costlessness”of pressing the shutter release. Excuse the invention of a new word for this. This is a case in point. I took about 10 images of the same scene. I like them all. They are all my babies. Then I have to pick a favourite. Film was easier (…is easier if you’re Bruce Percy…) I guess as you had a single chance and that was it. Perhaps film was harder as you had to be sure of your intention and timing. After much pacing around and squinting at the 10 this was the one that won out… For today.

For the large version please click on the image in gallery page 2.

Stormy Beach, Isle of Harris

Stormy Beach, Isle of Harris


Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year: Winning image in seascape category

I was delighted that my image of cows having fun on the beach at Laig Bay, Isle of Eigg, has been selected as the seascape category winner in this years SLPOTY competition. It’s the first time I have entered a competition like this for a few years and I am thrilled that this image was appreciated in this way. I understand from the administrator of the competition that there is a blind judging process (to avoid bias towards photographers with an established reputation) with a few hurdles to cross before the winning image is awarded. I am humbled to see so many photographers I already admire on the commended list and the portfolios of images by the overall winner and runner up are just stunning. Check out

For a larger version see gallery page 1.

Cows at Laig Bay, Isle of Eigg

Cows at Laig Bay, Isle of Eigg

Glenshee in the Snow

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Larger versions of the images are available in Gallery 1 above.

A late January snow fall and the radio spits out those magical words: “Snow gates closed at the Spittal of Glenshee”. Early morning start for the 90 minute drive up to Dunkeld and then on up the A93. It’s been a wet, windy and mild winter yet again so it was nice to see some real winter weather at last. Thanks Joe for the company and driving the last bit.

The magic of snow is the simplification it brings to the form of the landscape. Individual trees and rocks suddenly have a presence and place that would otherwise be drowned out by the background of similar colours and shapes. I am constantly looking for that visual rhythm and visual Haiku that arrests the eye and the imagination. In the images taken with a long lens over the brow of the hills the lack of any discernible detail and the almost, but not quite, identical tone of white in the snow and the sky gives a sense of endless space. I didn’t go out with any expectations but came back with a lot to think about.

Mirror Man

mirror man, Loch Earn, St Fillans.

mirror man, Loch Earn, St Fillans.

After a relaxing day out at Glen Orchy and Glen Etive with a couple of landscape photography buddies we headed home as the light faded. Joe was keen to check out this chap who has been installed at one end of Loch Earn. Looks a bit like an alien who has come to visit us from across the galaxy somewhere.

Taransay from Beinn Dhubh

Taransay from Beinn Dhubh

Taransay from Beinn Dhubh, Isle of Harris. Hazy but beautiful light. Moderate wind and swell. Canon 5D3, f/8, 1/30th”, 17-40lens at 24mm, ISO100. 1 stop hard grad ND filter on the sky.