Wave Watching

West Kilbride Rocks

West Kilbride Rocks

Conditions: moderate winds, falling tide, moderate to high swell.
Tech: 5D3, 70-200 zoom.
80mm, 1/4 sec @f/32, ISO50, no filters.
Grabbing a precious 1 hour at the coast to indulge in some wave watching and enjoy the gannets diving for fish.

Quantum computing is on its way. We are moving into a world where nothing will be fixed until it is observed. Binary-encoding photons occupying  fields of probability. Being everywhere at once until a glance from you or me fixes their position in space-time forever. This offers the hope that we can model super-complex systems like the oceans and simulate how they respond to human activity and the climate. Fascinating of course but still not as awe-inspiring as a gannet hurtling out of the sky into a six foot wave.


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