What is it about film?



On a nostalgia trip with my father-in law’s 1968 Kodak retinette 1B and some kodak 400CN film. Grainy and low res but there is a wee thrill you get from film that digital lacks. Pottery courtesy of uigpottery.co.uk who were kind enough to let me have some unfired pieces. The lack of glaze removes the sharp highlights. Need to find something more interesting to shoot though!

Last week I acquired a Zeiss Ikon rangefinder with a 35mm f2 biogon lens. I have no idea why I bought the thing. I know it’s going to be a lot of hassle with processing and scanning film. What is it about film that leaves rationality behind and seduces? One aspect of film is the discipline of considering every frame before releasing the shutter. I think I need that at this point. Perhaps it will improve my visual thinking in the end. Not sure if this will be a pointless diversion or the start of something more interesting but I’m looking forward to discovering some new ways of thinking about photography. That can’t be a bad thing.

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