Torridon, Scotland. Cloud, rain, midges and just a little magic.

Loch Clair, Torridon, Scotland

Loch Clair, Torridon, Scotland

Equipment: Canon 5Dmk3, 24-70L @46mm, 1/5″ @ f/11. 2 stop ND hard grad on sky. Tripod, remote release. Head net and total body coverings (midges were a nightmare).

Conditions: 5.30am, very still with clear sky and mist rapidly burning off.

Loch Nan Tri-eileanan, Torridon, Scotland

Loch Nan Tri-eileanan, Torridon, Scotland

Equipment: Canon 5Dmk3, 24-70L @ 38mm, 2 seconds @ f16. 2-stop ND hard grad on sky. Tripod, remote release.

Conditions: Sunset, very cloudy in the west with a brief blast of light just as  the sun set. Moderate wind (hence the movement in the reeds). Hellish midges. I mean clouds of the wee brutes!

Just back from Torridon after a couple of days shooting with Niall Henderson. Very mixed conditions with the weather. Midgies were ferocious as always. This pretty little lochan was a nice find on the slope up to An Ruadh Mheallan. There is a name, Loch Nan Tri-eileanan, think that translates as the loch of the three islands and applies to the biggest of this collection of lochans. the setting sun is lighting up Ben Sheildaig and Beinn Damh across on the South side of Loch Torridon. Not the best composition in the world. The short period of light meant that there was no time to consider alternatives, especially when being eaten alive by the midges.

This image feels special to me despite its short comings. I had no intention to be in this spot at this moment. I was just following my nose across the hill looking for interesting erratic boulders and just stumbled across it. The light was dull and flat and I was about to leave when the sky suddenly lit up. A place to go back to for sure.

The first image above was taken that same morning at Loch Clair. This is a more well known location and  the perfect stillness of the morning left a mist hanging in the dawn light. Perfect. Many thanks to Douglas Griffin for his fantastic advice on locations. Check out Flickr posts by Douglas and Bruce Percy for amazing images of this location.

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