Shooting into the sun

North of Mijas, Spain

North of Mijas, Spain

Outdoor Photography Magazine recently ran an interesting feature on shooting into the light. On the whole I feel the usual advice that this is something to be avoided holds true as that bright point of light dominates the composition let alone the exposure. On this occasion, however, the composition depends upon the path meandering through the hills so I was stuck with the position of the sun. 5 stops of Lee ND filtration was still not sufficient so I also had to break my rule on using a maximum of 2 filters and hold a third filter in front of the filter holder to make up 7 stops.

Technical: Canon 5D Mk3, on a tripod, 7 stops of ND grad filtration (hard and soft), 24-105L lens at 85mm, 1/50th Sec @ f/8.0, ISO 100.

Location: Hillside North of Mijas, Spain. Off an unpaved road then a short trek but not hard to get to.

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